The world is full of artists. Every year we come across many emerging artists. However, like many others, they also fade away with time. But there are always some names that are engraved on the hearts of the people because of the work that they have done or the art that they have created.

One of those amazing names is Theodoor Verstraete. This artist is still remembered among the art lovers because of the work that he has done and the masterpieces that he created.

Theodoor Verstraete

Born in Belgium this amazing painter was always attracted towards the art and the landscapes. At the beginning of his career, he has created many of the amazing paintings that grabbed the attention of people in that time.

He was not only the creator of the paintings but also he has been manufacturing the paints that have been utilized to create the masterpieces. He is the one who managed to create many colors that were one unknown to the world. One of the things that attracted most of the people towards his work was that he created realistic paintings.

They were as if displaying the truths of the world is the most sincere and true manner. At first, his focus was on the lands and the jungles but as soon as he had the first experience of the marine paintings, he did not stop and created some of the masterpieces in this field as well. Therefore, we can say that he is a versatile painter that can by only getting the idea will provide you with the work that you might have been expecting.


Some of the amazing paintings that were made by Theodoor Verstraete include:

  • Fishermen’s wives at the beach
  • After the rain
  • Vissershuizen in de duinen
  • Woodview with brook

It has been written in the legacy that to make sure that his work was as real as possible he will make sure to visit the place once to make sure that none of the highlights are left behind. Apart from that, the shades he utilized made the work appear as if it is a real scene. It is like the people are actually standing in front of you.


One of the deeds done by Theodoor Verstraete that will amaze you the most is that he ensured that art will never be forgotten. Thus, he donated all his collection of masterpieces to the city of Tournai. However, he made them promise that they will build the museum in which his artwork will be displayed as well.

The original paintings of Theodoor Verstraete are still saving in some of the ideal locations. You must be shocked to know that his artwork is so expensive that even the fake copies are sold at very high rates to make sure that the art will never lose its importance. Living in this age of technology people are unable to praise and appreciate the old skills of marine painters.