Art has a beauty of its own and thus, it grabs the attention of the lookers that it becomes hard to look somewhere else. The most beauty is held by the marine paintings. As the waves of water with animals are drawn with such perfection that it becomes hard to not pay attention.

So here, to amaze you we have some of the best collection of the marine paintings by the best artists. You are free to select the one that you like the most.



Al Barnes

When the first marine painting was created many of the painters jumped towards it to create something amazing with the similar idea. However, not everyone had the talent and the skill in them to paint the waters and give the look of reality.

This is the reason that Al Barnes joined this field and made sure to create something that would be above the waters instead of under it. So he created a seascape in which he included the real display from the shore. You can see the interaction between the fishes and the fishermen in his work of art.

Dave Baroncelli

He has a unique way of creating the marine artwork. In his paintings, he has the skill to display the peace and quiet in the water. Not only that his work is the clear showcase of the threat and the destruction that is about to happen underwater. So we can say that his paintings hold two meaning and it is up to you that you get which one of them according to your mental state.

Kevin Brant

He presents his own vision through his paintings. It mostly consists of fishing and the pain that is felt by the marine animals when they have to die at the hands of the humans and be apart from their family.

  • In case you have been on the shore fishing you will understand what his is trying to convey
  • Most of his paintings consist of fishes stuck in the net or the fishing rods ready to be pulled out
  • It can be said that he displays the reality of the underwater life

Craig Broomfield

To create his masterpieces of the marine paintings this young lad has traveled many countries in order to gain the true inspiration from beaches around the world. This is the reason when you look at one of his works it seems like you are experiencing a real underwater life. It is his dedication and hard work that helped him to paint some of the award winning masterpieces.

So it is the time that you get some enthusiasm from these amazing painters as they brought something new to the world. It can be learned that you should not lose hope despite the hardships and make sure to follow your dreams.

As now the people who are criticizing you might one day tell people how they meet you. So make sure that you keep going on.