Art is one of the best ways to display romance. The reason behind it is that the justice to romance that can be done by art cannot be made possible by any other things. Thus, romantic paintings have always been the main theme of the painters and writers have not been left behind in creating the masterpieces as well.

One of the amazing names that can never be forgotten in this field is that of Jan Michiel Ruyten. He grabbed the attention of the art lovers because of his versatile talent and the love for new knowledge.

Jan Michiel Ruyten

He is one of those amazing painters that came into this field at a very early age. From the very beginning, he gained the appreciation for his work and this made him keep painting. In the start, he created some of the simple pieces like the landscapes or the scenes that were not very difficult to paint.

However, with the passage of time as his talents and skill enhanced he made sure to move towards more difficult forms of art. This is the reason that he is one of those skillful artists that not only used the oil paints but also worked with the photographers. It means that he was one of the first painters that used the technique of the photographic paintings.

One of the main aspects that you will come across in this masterpieces is romance and love. His displayed love with such generosity that it felt like it is happening in reality. He worked in the following fields of the art:

  • Genre scenes
  • Landscapes that had figures
  • Urban landscapes
  • Winter landscapes
  • Historical subjects
  • Seascapes
  • Waterscapes
  • Architectural views

His shades and strokes were so realistic that it seemed like you are actually experiencing the view or looking at its image. There is no aspect of paintings that he has not explored and created. This is the reason that in the history of the Belgium painters he is still considered one of the best.


Some of the amazing paintings that have been created by Jan Michiel Ruyten are:

  • Koek-en-zopie vendor
  • A view on the quay of the Scheldt with the pilotage, Antwerp
  • The iconoclasts

He also became the member of the Antwerp Academy that provided him the opportunity to learn many new skills and experience many other forms of paintings that might not have been possible to learn otherwise. In this academy, many of the city as well as the marine painters worked together and created many amazing painting pieces that are still remembered by the world.

Jan Michiel Ruyten created such amazing paintings with the help of his fellow that they were awarded many prizes in London. So you might have seen some of his paintings still displayed in one of the Museums. Make sure that you understand the meaning behind his work and never forget to respect art because it gives a new meaning to the world.